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Your ad on Delcampe

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Optimal targeting

Optimal targeting

Reach our members by choosing the categories in which your ads will appear.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Select either a visual ad with your logo or a photo OR a text ad that you write. The two formats must comply with the rules of our Charter.

High visibility

High visibility

Get the benefit of 40 million page views a month by our community of over 1 million members to promote your Delcampe shop or the website of your choice.


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How to display your ads

Three spots per category are available for your ads. If more than three advertisers choose the same category page, the ads will be displayed on a rotation system.

Example of a specific category:

and/or a broader category: Stamps

Stage 3 Approval and uploading

Your ad is broadcast (and invoiced) after approval by our site administrators.

Monthly rates

Exclusive offer Exclusive offer
External website *

Increase the visibility of the website of your choice

$120.00 /month

by category

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Store *

Increase your Delcampe Store's visibility

$60.00 /month

by category

Take advantage of the offer

A customised offer suited to your needs

Price TBD

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* Special time-limited offer subject to space availability.